Home Adoption


If one of our dogs catches your eye, come and take a look at it and find out if it is the right partner for you. Visits must be arranged in advance and do not come to us unannounced.

During the visit we will introduce the dog, tell you how it came to us, describe its behaviour and explain in more detail what conditions are suitable for the dog.


– ID card

– collar, leash, muzzle

– payment of the adoption fee (3000 CZK)


  1. Would you like to adopt a dog from us? Please email us what options you have for a dog, what kind of environment the dog would live in, what kind of activities the dog would have, what members your household consists of, if you have any other pets, etc. If there is a real possibility of adopting a dog, we will arrange to meet in person. Please keep in mind that there are only two of us for the entire Rescue Station and we go to appointments, so we may not be able to respond to you immediately. We are doing the best we can, so please be patient.
  2. We will then meet you at the Rescue Station, introduce the dog to you, discuss everything with you and let you walk the dog.
  3. If you are really interested in adopting the dog, more visits are needed. Most of the dogs in our station have some kind of problem, whether disciplinary, socialization, etc. and the person interested in adopting the dog needs to get to know the dog properly, consider his/her options, whether he/she is able to provide adequate conditions for the dog and whether he/she is able to work with the dog according to set and clearly defined rules.
  4. If we conclude that you are suitable for the dog and it is possible to entrust it to you, then we will draw up a proper adoption contract, you will pay the adoption fee, we will give you the vaccination certificate and pedigree card and you will take the dog home.
  5. Signing the adoption contract is not the end of the adoption, we want to know how the dog is doing in its new home and if there are any problems, we want to be informed about them. If you have any problems or concerns, you can contact us at any time and we will be happy to help. We are available for training and resocialization.

The important thing is not to give up, it is possible that the dog, once it knows it is really home, will start to try and see what it can get away with. It is necessary to set rules and boundaries that the dog is used to from us and to respect them.

If you do not have the ability to follow or are not willing to accept the rules set up in this way for adoption, then you are unfortunately not a good candidate.

We are looking out for the welfare of the animal and for it to find a forever home.