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The rescue station was founded in 2010 by Vojtěch Kouřil. It is the only official rescue station for czechoslovakian wolfdogs with pedigree in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. In thirteen years we have been able to find new homes, resocialise or otherwise help more than a hundred dogs.

We take in problematic, abused or otherwise unwanted dogs for which further cohabitation with the original owner is not possible. Initially, we offer to repair the relationship. If this is not possible for whatever reason, we try to return the dogs to normal life by having them undergo individual re-education. We are the only official rescue station of this kind that specializes only in Czechoslovakian wolfdogs with pedigree and we are able to accommodate the dog, take care of it in terms of veterinary, resocialization and training, and then, with luck, find it a new home.

The Rescue Station has been operating since 2016 under the leadership of Soňa Radkovičová and Vojta Radkovič Kouřil only from sponsorship donations. The functioning does not only consist in the care of the dogs themselves, but also in the development and maintenance of the area, where we need to maintain and continue to improve the welfare of our wards.

Help us to help those who have no responsibility for their fate and most importantly – often they cannot even defend themselves and could not simply escape a bad fate.


Thank you for all the grey fur coats in the Rescue Station!


Our transparent account – click on the paw.

Fast payment via QR code send donation 200,- CZK


Poslat dar 200,- Kč


We ask for better quality food, not the supermarket type Propesco, Pedigree, etc., preferably always after consultation at info@pomoc-csvlcak.cz.

We are very grateful for any help, but not all types of dog food are suitable for our dogs.

We are feeding, for example, Sam’s Field or Essential brands. 

If you purchase dog food from jkaminals.cz, the company will send us a second bag free of charge.


Preferably always after agreement at info@pomoc-csvlcak.cz.


Adoption works like any other, you choose the dog you want to foster and make a monthly donation of any amount to our transparent account (multiple people can adopt the same dog – if you wish to be the sole supporter, please contact us at



Always by agreement at info@pomoc-csvlcak.cz, or depending on the event.

Our sponsors are: