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Challenger Nico de In fine mundi

Nico was born on 21. 2. 2018. He is our only Saarloos wolfdog here. He came to us after he unfortunately badly bit his owner.

As he is a Saarloos, he is timid and takes change very hard. He avoids us, but there is a noticeable improvement and he is gradually getting used to us and starts to trust us. Once he gets used to it, he is a sweetheart and tries to avoid conflict at all costs. It just takes a lot of time and patience. When scared he reacts by running away, not by aggression.

He is more suited to a woman who will count on his timidity and have the patience to attend to him and get him used to her and not push him. It is important to know that if the interested woman has a partner, Nico will have a much harder time getting used to him, he may even not adapt, so this must be taken into account.

He would fit well with a female dog. A confident support system could help Nico. He is ideal for a house with a garden, even with access to the house. He will make a great partner for trips into the nature, if you don’t ask for miracles he will be a grateful companion.

Nico grew up with us, everything was on the right track, but as he got older, fear aggression started to dominate. On the one hand he is incredibly cuddly, on the other hand if he gets into an uncomfortable situation, he will run away. Normally, he avoid conflict. He still works with Soňa and his original interested person, but there are situations when he has disproportionate reactions even with us and unfortunately a classic full-scale adoption is not possible for him for safety reasons.

Would you like to adopt Nico remotely? See HERE how you can help.

If you are considering a real adoption, please contact us by email and we will be happy to answer any questions.

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