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Eye of The Storm Vlčí tlapka


Storm was born on April 7, 2015. He came to us from a breeder after he had bitten his owners and family members several times. At an early age owners underestimated his upbringing and the dog grew up without proper authority. During puberty his behaviour escalated and Storm was no longer able to function at home, growling and lashing out when being handled and when given food.

He is a confident dog, but has signs of fear aggression and we don’t know what exactly triggers it. He reacts to different situations by growling, but he also likes to scratch, cuddle and play.

He is suitable for a person with experience who will have natural authority over him. Working with him requires time, authority, but also love and calmness. We do not recommend him near children. It takes a person who will keep him busy with work, but then make sure he has his kennel and a place to rest and relax.

Storm has full adoption from our sponsor GRANULE PRO BRNO. Thank you for your kind attitude and sponsorship in the form of food.